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Wolverine Inferno Gen2 Airsoft HPA Engine


Product Description

The Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA Engine is the high pressure air powered drop in kit everyone has been waiting for. Fully modular, starting as a base model with just the engine and integrated trigger board and FCU (Spartan Edition) at a ridiculously low price of $285,  the Wolverine Inferno is set up as a be-all, end-all HPA conversion kit.

The GEN 2 Inferno is the culmination of a great deal of work to take the next step forward in the development of HPA technology. Over the past couple years since we launched the SMP, multiple other companies saw the value of this type of technology and have attempted to replicate its performance. The Gen2 once again leaves everyone far behind.

The GEN 2 Inferno features a revolutionary single solenoid, independent poppet and nozzle design that sets a new standard for a drop in kit. Particularly, it is designed to solve the “open bolt problem”. It is a hybrid design which keeps the advantages of an open bolt system: easy tuning, no first round dry fire, efficiency, etc… and adds the simplicity of easier hop up tuning that closed bolt systems have traditionally offered. In addition, it further improves the efficiency over our previous systems by an estimated 10-15%.