Wolverine Airsoft Hydra Drop in HPA Engine
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Wolverine Airsoft Hydra HPA Engine – PRE ORDER


Product Description

Purchasing this guarantees you one of the first units out, includes free shipping, a container of TechT gun sav, a gunside QD fitting (so you don’t need to buy another), and a FREE custom lipo battery!

We are excited to announce the launch that you all have been waiting for! Since day one of our innitial launch we received countless requests for an offset nozzle solution for M14’s, P90’s, etc. HERE IT IS! Please take a few minutes to read and find answers to some of the most common questions below!

Why the name?
Hydra is a legendary creature from Greek mythology. This dragonlike beast was supremely feared for its many heads. Like its namesake, the Wolverine Airsoft HYDRA is one body sporting MANY heads! The HYDRA is designed to work with any centered or offset nozzle design with changing only ONE PART! You heard that right! The same body will work in your M4, AK, M14, P90, PDR and many more by JUST SWAPPING THE NOZZLE!

Does this mean the SMP is going away?
NO. The SMP line is alive and well and will continue to be the lifeblood of the company. We will continue to develop and update both designs with HYDRA as our premium product line and the SMP being targetted as the industry workhorse it is quickly becoming!

What is different than the SMP?
While both the SMP and HYDRA use the same patented technology, the two systems are packaged very differently internally. The more compact streamlined design of the HYDRA makes room for the offset nozzles as well as an internal air line. In addition HYDRA has been designed so that no tools are needed to disassemble for service. Expect to hear more from us soon on a new design for the electronics as well!

Are Parts Interchangeable? 
Mechanical parts are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE between the two systems except for the valves. Electrical parts, however, are completely interchangeable between the two systems. This compatibility allows customers to upgrade controls as well as making it easy to find replacements for some of the more vulnerable components of the system such as the wire harness.

When will we have all the details on pricing, availability etc.?
We will be unveiling all the details at IWA next week, so you don’t have to wait long.

What packages will I be able to buy? 
We are still working the details on this. We will certainly offer a V2 kit. We may as well be offering prepackaged V7 and a V6 kit etc. as well.

What nozzles will be available? 
With the launch we will have all of our standard nozzles available that we have for the SMP, in addition we will have the following:

G&G M14