NaTech Airsoft SMP V2 Gen 2 Trigger Board
IMG_20150220_1600030631-500x305NaTech Airsoft SMP V2 Gen 2 Trigger Board

SMP V2 Trigger Board Gen 2


Product Description

Replacement for the existing V2 SMP trigger board, or for use in converting your V3 into a V2 compatible system. Gen 2 boards are for use with the “split” gen 2 wire harness.


The V2 Trigger Board has been re-designed, and now installs should be even smoother.

  • The trigger board now uses a 3-pin connector, which removes the necessity of wires running back to the solenoid valve.
    • This new design is meant to be used with the new, custom-designed V2 Wiring Harness, which connects to both the new trigger board and the solenoid valve.
  • The new trigger board also features an updated selector switch, which is shaped such that it should not snap off during shipment, or after installation
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