SLP ARX-20 Air Regulator


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Please note, this air rig can NOT use any HPA tank that outputs higher than 300 PSI! SLP tanks are required!

This air rig is what we like to call our SLP (Super Low Pressure) Air Rig. This system incorporates a robust single regulator that allows you to adjust your PSI with the ease of twisting a knob.
This system is able to work with any SLP regulated HPA tank. This means that the tank must output at a pressure of 300 PSI or lower. Most typical HPA tank regulators output anywhere from 600-800 PSI. This lower HPA Output does not affect the performance of your gun since it requires well under 300 PSI of input. As a mater of fact, this means that your PSI needs to be stepped down less to be at an acceptable level (120PSI or less).

SLP air rigs are equipped with wide bore Amped Line, which is a large bore line for your PolarStar or Daytona gun that is both flexible and durable. It is enclosed in a nylon sheathing that will not affect it’s flexibility but will help protect it from damage.

This has an 1/8″ NPT threaded fitting at one end and a female/coupler quick disconnect fitting on the other end. Daytona guns require this option since they utilize a higher flow rate on the regulator side fitting.

Each air rig is tested after being assembled. This air rig is designed to withstand some serious milsim gameplay.

  • Light Weight/Less Bulky/Take up less room in pack
  • Under half the price of most air rigs on the market for the same performance and reliablity.
  • Ease of PSI adjustment
  • Includes the latest state of the art Amped Line
  • Very easy to maintain and one of the most reliable and consistant regulators on the market
  • Comes with everything you need to attach your PR-15/Fusion Engine to your choice of SLP tank.
  • Can not use a normal HPA tank. Must be at or under 300 PSI!
  • Max pressure for this line is 200 PSI.


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