Protech Airsoft ProPAR MARK II

Protech Airsoft ProPAR MARK II HPA Drop In Engine


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Product Description

Protech Airsoft ProPAR MARK II

Amped is getting in the game with their engine through ProTech Airsoft. Amped will be the only distributor starting off, and the engine is slated to be released late 2015. The Amped Airsoft Honest Guys gave an overview of it here. A few other things that came up were the “universal” fcu, very few moving parts, and its slight differences from the other cylinder replacement systems on the market.


Few features

  • Integrated Pressure Regulation
  • Highly adjustable fps and flow regulation
  • high efficiency design
  • 16mhz 8bit Micro-controller
  • bluetooth add on module available in fall 2015
  • 200 million cycle valve life
  • Multiple length and offset nozzles will be available shortly after release
  • Introductory price – $350
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