Polarstar M60 Fusion Engine With FCU+MCU


Product Description

  • M60/MK43 Gearbox
  • Included FE Nozzle Type: M60/MK43 Series, Blue
  • Compatible with A&K and VFC M60 & MK43

The FCU (Fire Control Unit) allows users to easily initiate different firing modes, adjust rate of fire (ROF), and adjust valve timing to the exact specifications you need. The FPS can be adjusted by regulating your PSI and using different PolarStar valves found here at AirRattle.com. The MCU (Motor Control Unit) allows you to utilize the original AEG Box Magazine without any rewiring or soldering. Simply plug the MCU into the box magazine and you are ready to fire. With the Fusion Engine, you get the proven reliability of PolarStar’s signature system while being able to adjust every performance setting and even replicate the cyclic rate of its real-steel counterpart, all without affecting velocity and maintaining the superb trigger response Fusion Engine’s are known for.

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