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Just like the FEV2, the FEV3 is a solenoid driven, electronically controlled, HPA powered, drop-in replacement for an AEG gearbox. The main difference between the two engines, as one might guess, it that this one is designed to replace a Version 3 gearbox instead of a Version 2.

The FEV3 will come complete with AK trigger, selector plate and internal selector components for the AK series AEG. However, by installing a different nozzle or rifle specific conversion kit ( not yet avalible) , you will be able to expand the number of rifles it will be compatible with. In most cases all you will need to do is change out the trigger and selector components with ones from your AEG, install a different Fusion Engine nozzle and the engine is ready to use in a completely different model of rifle.

Improved “User Friendly” Electronics. The FEV3 is outfitted with the newest REV2 FCU which has our latest wiring harness and software updates.




“Will it work in the Real Sword AK rifles?”

The Real Sword (RS) Ver. 3 gearbox is shorter than a normal Ver. 3 and the selector pivot point is in a different location. Also the track for the receiver cover release is farther forward and lower. The FEV3 is designed to allow for fit into Real Sword bodies with some changes. The cylinder assembly has been made to the length of the original RS gearbox dimensions. A replacement manifold is required to allow for installation of the selector components. The rear cylinder is designed to allow a track mount to be repositioned to match the RS placement.

“What is the screw in the rear cylinder?”

The FEV3 has a jack screw in the rear of the cylinder to fine tune how the engine fits in the rifle’s receiver to ensure the air nozzle can be perfectly centered and held at the correct depth in the chamber.

“Can the FEV2 be converted to a FEV3?”

The FEV3 uses a different cylinder design as well as a different lower so unfortunately you will not be able to convert your FEV2 into a FEV3.

“Will the FCU fit in folding stock AK’s?”

The new REV2 FCU and 7.4v mini Lipo can fit in the battery tray under the receiver cover of an AK series rifle. “Can you use it in the winter?” Yes, you can. Since the Fusion Engine runs on HPA (High Pressure Air), it is not affected by temperature or humidity like a traditional gas gun. “Will it cost the same as the FEV2?” The FEV3 has a slightly more complex design and make-up than the FEV2 so it will cost slightly more as an outcome.

“What different models will it drop into?”

Initially the FEV3 will only be able to “drop-in” AK’s due to the specific nozzle length required. Nozzles for other rifle models will be produced following the FEV3’s release which will allow it to be used in other models.

“Can I install it into a mechanical blow back AK AEG?”

The design of the mechanical blow back can vary from rifle to rifle, however, most will not interfere with installing the Fusion Engine. On most you would simply need to remove the connecting arm in-between the mock bolt and the AEG’s piston.

“Does changing the rate of fire affect trigger response?”

No it does not. Changing the rate of fire in the FCU only changes the number of milliseconds in-between full auto cycles. It has absolutely no effect on the rifles trigger response. This allows you to set a realistic rate of fire for an AK while still having an instantaneous trigger response.

“How do you adjust the muzzle velocity?”

In regards to muzzle velocity, the Fusion Engine allows the velocity of a rifle to be adjustable from CQB friendly to the outer limits of field sniper rifles. By changing the pressure on the air rigs regulator, you can fine tune the muzzle velocity up or down within a window of approximately 100 fps to get the muzzle energy exactly where you want it. Then, for larger changes in velocity, you can shift the adjustment window up or down by easily changing out the Fusion Engine’s air nozzle for a lower or higher power nozzles which are available separately.

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