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PolarStar Fusion Engine Ver-2, Gen3 M4/M16


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Comes with mesh wire harness!

Have you ever dreamed of Polarizing your MP5, G3 or SCAR? With the introduction of the GEN3, now you can!  At first glance the GEN3 FEV2 looks very much like the GEN2 and, for the most part, the two are quite similar. However, unlike its predecessor, the FEV2 GEN3 is no longer just for the M4/M16 series rifle. We applied the same concept used with our Version 3 Fusion Engine™ so that it is now able to interface with the selector plate and related components of your existing AEG’s gearbox. This makes it possible to adapt the engine for use in multiple rifle models which share the Version 2 gearbox without any major modification.

The FEV2 GEN3 will come complete with a M4/M16 series trigger and steel selector plate so that it can be installed into any M4/M16 series AEG which is Tokyo Marui compatible. However, by installing a different nozzle or rifle specific conversion kit, you will be able to expand the number of rifles it will be compatible with. In most cases all you’ll need to do is change out the trigger and selector components with ones from your AEG, install a different Fusion Engine™ nozzle, and the engine is ready to use in a completely different model of rifle.

The internal operation of the GEN3 FEV2 and the GEN2 FEV2 cylinder assembly are exactly the same and share many of the same parts, so it offers the same stellar downrange performance and rock solid reliability as its predecessor. This GEN3 does however feature a new side plate design to accommodate the AEG selector plate and is equipped with a new electronic switchboard. One advantage to this new design is that the switchboard offers a wider contact point with the selector plate to allow for varying tolerances in the rifles selector assembly making for improved out-of-the-box compatibility with an increased number of rifle brands.

the FEV2 GEN3 will come standard with the newly redesigned “Milsim Manifold”. This feature enables the user to install an optional 90 degree fitting inside of their engine allowing the air line to be routed to the rear of the engine and exit through the buffer tube sling plate on an M4 series rifle.

This item is the drop-in box only. Please be aware that this will fit MOST V2 M4 Bodies. However, there may be some cases where it will require slight fitting to ensure 100% performance. Please consult with PolarStar to make sure that this will fit your specific body.

All drop in Fusion Engines come with the Blue Nozzle , which outputs anywhere from 380 to 435 FPS with .20g BBs at max input pressure of 120psi depending on barrel length, brand, etc.

The muzzle velocity with a given nozzle is partially determined by the length of the barrel therefore the examples below are approximated FPS for reference when using an M4 carbine length barrel (363-375mm) with .20g BBs at the max input pressure of 120psi. An M16 rifle length barrel (509mm) will bump this up by an average of 30-40fps


Nozzles (based on stock M4 length Barrel at 120PSI):
Green – 325fps
Gold – 366fps
Blue – 405fps
Black -455fps
Silver – 494fps
Red – 550fps

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