ORGA Magnus 6.23mm Widebore Barrel


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For best results, use this barrel in an HPA system, as the extreme amount of volume is able to easily support it.

The ORGA Magnus 6.23mm Wide Bore barrel increases accuracy and trajectory by removing barrel friction and inner barrel bouncing commonly found with traditional tight bore barrels. The width of the barrel ensures that hop-up spin is constant and consistent when it exits the barrel. This allows for precise, long range shooting, with 60-70 meter accuracy at under 1J.

The pictures above show how the ORGA barrel has custom cuts already integrated into the barrel design. It also has a cut for utilizing Flat Hop if you would like. The 500mm length barrel works in both regular AEG cut hops as well as M14 cut hops. The picture with two barrels is a comparison between an ORGA 6.23mm (on left) and Systema 6.04mm barrel (on right).

These barrels work very well with Prometheus Perfect Chambers (Or Systema Hop Chambers) coupled with the Prometheus Soft Bucking. This combination has been what we have had the best results with here at Amped Airsoft. We will continue to experiment with these barrels to try to find a combo that beats the above.

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Barrel Length

150mm, 182mm, 200mm, 260mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm

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