Kydex MP9 Holster by DelTac – Tan (Grip Version)


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The only option like it in existence, our Custom DelTac MP9 holster is the perfect solution for anyone wanting a rock solid piece of gear to carry their favorite backup! With no straps, hooks, or gimmicky locks to fiddle with, this holster allows you to whip out your MP9 in a flash when necessary! Rock solid, this thing only comes out when you want it to. Carry it on your back with the stock extended and whip it out at a moments notice!

If you are playing as a Designated Marksman and need a place to strap your backup, or are running rifleman and need a CQB weapon for clearing buildings, this is the holster for you!

Includes two straps for MOLLE weaving, which are removable so the holster can be tied on with paracord.


These are made to order, please allow a couple days of lead time. If you have any questions, email us before ordering!

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