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Everything you love about the standard KWA MP7, but converted to HPA and ready to use out of the box. Also a great starting point if you want to buy a Polarstar later! This package includes the following.

  • Fully licensed KWA H&K MP7
  • HPA Converted 40rd magazine with nipple cover and plug to convert back to green gas
  • Firebase Regulator
  • 48 cubic inch 3000psi HPA tank

Comes stock with 1 magazine, extras for $60 when purchased at the same time as the gun.

Advantages to using a HPA converted magazines

  • No cool down/fps drop – accurate, consistent shots every time
  • Play in any temperature!
  • Adjustable FPS output
  • Full auto actually works!
  • No need to purchase/carry expensive green gas or propane
  • Fast, clean, crisp recoil
  • No smell of propane, or adding lubricant to magazine

Don’t see the magazine you want? Send us your magazine, and we can convert it for you!

*All magazines are tested before they leave our shop*


50   | 300
75   | 365
85   | 390
100 | 415
110 | 435
120 | 450
130 | 460
140 | 475

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Extra Magazines

None, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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