Polarstar HK416C

H&K 416C Polarstar Players Package

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Product Description

One of the limited run of Elite Force+Polarstar custom installs created off of the VFC 416C platform, this custom printed Fusion Engine was lovingly installed in its gorgeous VFC home by the techs at Polarstar themselves. FCU is stored in the buffer tube, but can be relocated to the grip if desired. This is a limited edition, only 150 were made, and they include a 1 year warranty! Are you ready to be a CQB demon?

Package contains the following items.

  • VFC 416C custom polarstar install
  • Redline Firebase Regulator, integrated thread protectors, dual QD fittings, 42″ of soft, big bore braided hose
  • Ninja 48/3000 tank (can be upgraded/swapped with a different tank, email
  • NaTech Airsoft custom 350mah mini lipo battery
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